Digging Up Graves!

Goddamn static! It keeps sounding in my head; where am I now?

Oh, wait. It seems I am not alone – hi there! Are you here to listen to my stories? I’d rather you not know my full name. You could give me a number. You could call me One or Zero (Existent or Non-Existent). I don’t mind you listening to my story though; it’s going to be a bit different from those you hear on the news. And, it’s definitely going to be fun.

So, come along. Let’s lose our minds together, in a world where people can only lose their lives- so soon.


A Box Of Feelings

Ok, so this may sound cliché, but see all those boxes we have in our brains? Every now and then, we need a break from them. We need somewhere to sit, to leave behind all the small memories. We need a break from all the numbers: the questions and the answers, the formulas of what is right and wrong…
Sometimes we come back for them, right? And sometimes, they’re forgotten…
But not in İş Bankası.

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 16.24.46.png
İş Bankası, İstanbul, Turkey – 19 April 2018

Fortunately, I got myself a tour of the museum with a gorgeous guide! She explained the history of the museum so well, I realized there’s more to it than just money (well, more or less).

Just because the bank was the first private bank in the Turkish Republic, and because it was used “to get the economy going” does not mean that the place is not a sight to see. In fact, it’s the complete opposite – here, you interact with the history!

And I don’t just mean the records from old contracts, but the tools that were used in it and the safes and cash samples of the old Turkish Lira. They even have old piggy banks. Damn cool, no?

I sure thought so.