Digging Up Graves!

Goddamn static! It keeps sounding in my head; where am I now?

Oh, wait. It seems I am not alone – hi there! Are you here to listen to my stories? I’d rather you not know my full name. You could give me a number. You could call me One or Zero (Existent or Non-Existent). I don’t mind you listening to my stories though; it’s going to be a bit different from those you hear on the news. So, it’s definitely going to be fun.

So, come along. Let’s lose our minds together, in a world where people can only lose their lives- so soon.


A Kadıköy Woman

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This woman was picking flowers

For some unknown reason:

One I doubt is good.

Yet, this woman

Did so without looking left or right,

Did not wonder if someone would take her photo,

Be intrigued so much

At the woman who holds a cane and picks flowers

From a stranger’s garden

For some unknown reason.

Let The Darkness Set, As I Might

Dear God,
Let the wind blow heavily against me tonight,
Let it bring with it pain and suffering
As if I won’t feel it ever again,
As if the moment will slip right through my fingers if I don’t hold on to it,
Because it might.

Let the leaves ruffle,
The trees dance with me.
Make me belong tonight.

Let the water trickle,
The trees live
To see me come back one day,
Because I might.

Let my shadow follow me,
My fear grow.
My voice reach the sky.
Let the angels hear me when I beg
To be able to live this moment again soon,
To be strong enough if I ever have to fight the darkness,
Because I might.

Let the moon shine down on everything there is,
Let me feel this moment in all it is,
To be able to live it whenever I need to again…
Because I might.

Dear God,
Let the shooting stars see,
Let the weeds listen,
Let the whole world stand witness
That without this country, I am lost.
That without this country, I am lost.
That without this country, I am lost…